Content #2/2004 (17)
Х Minato Magnet Motor, J.Dodd, USA
Х Thermomagnetic Engine, Yu. Novozilov, Russia
Х Effective Energy Conversion, Yu. Novozilov, Russia
Х News from Prof. Kanarev, Russia
Х U.S. Will Give Cold Fusio Second Look, K. Chang, USA
Х Life After The Oil Crash, M. Savinar, USA
Х Movement from nothing, P.Ball, USA
Х Vortex Heat Generators, review by N. Ovtcharenko, Russia
Х A Thermogenerator and a Water-Heating Device, R. Mustafaev
Х Energy generator, G.N.Ryabusov, Russia
Х Ethanol provides break through for the hydrogen economy, S. Clifford, USA
Х To the stars, W. Scott, USA
Х Many Faces of the Electron, A.Akau, USA
Х Luxeon III Star Light Fixture System, G.Magratten, USA
Х Vortex Heat Generators and Other Inventions by Yu. S. Potapov, A. Frolov, Russia
Х Vortex Heat Generators of the RUFIKO Company, Moscow
Х Anti-entropy Processes, review
Х УGlobal Energy Ц 2004Ф International Energy Prize
Х Tesla & Schauberger Technologies, F. Germano, USA
Х ElectronТs nature, L.Price, USA
Х The Magnetic Field Rotator
Х A device for converting potential energy into mechanical, A.I.Doronkin, Russia
Х A Manual for Designing Ether-based Engines and Devices of Inner-ether Energy, G. Ivanov, Russia.
Х How To Calculate the Efficiency of a "Perpetuum Mobile" Correctly, V. Korobeinikov, Russia
Х MintoТs Weeel, review
Х Commercialising  the УSearl EffectФ, review
Х Original ideas of William R. Lyne, notes from editor
Х Newman's motor
Х An exhibition УRoad To HydrogenФ
Х The Waterjet Turbine, Edward Neurohr, Germany
Х The Use Of The Effect of Homopolar Transfer of the Mass Charge in an Electric Field, V. Dudishev, Russia
Х Is a Revolution in the Fundamental Sciences Possible? V.Andrus, Ukraine
Х In Memory of Eugene Mallove
Х Esoterica as a Catalyst for a New Era in Physics and Scientific Inquiry, D.Reed, USA

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